Deep Inhale-Breathwork Workshops

Learn to use your breath as a tool to STRENGTHEN the

mind and SOOTHE the body.

  • Use breath to connect to you.
    • Feel the aliveness of your body.
      • Shed unwanted narratives.
        • Dive into your purpose.
          • Find inner clarity.
            • Transform into your authentic self.

Preregistration is required.

Registration closes at midnight the day before event.

Zoom link will be emailed morning of workshop.

Step 1 : Make payment of $20 via venmo (link below)

Step 2: Register Here

Step 3: Gather comfort items. Settle in a safe spot.

step 4: Join with the zoom link few mins before start.


Suggestions to tune into our authentic voice and heart’s purpose, while offering a deep serenity to relax the central nervous system. It is time to allow for introspection via journaling and mediation in a warm supported group.


See you soon!


Audrey Grace

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