Deep Inhale-Breathwork Workshops

Deep Inhale-Breathwork Workshops

Learn to use your breath as a tool to STRENGTHEN the

mind and SOOTHE the body.

  • Use breath to connect to you.
    • Feel the aliveness of your body.
      • Shed unwanted narratives.
        • Dive into your purpose.
          • Find inner clarity.
            • Transform into your authentic self.

Preregistration is required.

Registration closes at midnight the day before event.

Zoom link will be emailed morning of workshop.

Step 1 : Make payment of $20 via venmo (link below)

Step 2: Register Here

Step 3: Gather comfort items. Settle in a safe spot.

step 4: Join with the zoom link few mins before start.


Suggestions to tune into our authentic voice and heart’s purpose, while offering a deep serenity to relax the central nervous system. It is time to allow for introspection via journaling and mediation in a warm supported group.


See you soon!


Audrey Grace

4 responses to “Deep Inhale-Breathwork Workshops”

  1. Hi Audrey,

    I was wondering if the workshop for March 7th is full? My friends and I wanted to join.

    Thank you

    Lennis Orozco


    • Hello Jill,

      We are in the works of planning out the dates for the workshop series. It’s a good bet that we will continue with the first Saturday of each month. Would you like me to add you to our email list so you will get the new dates for our workshops?
      Thank you for your interest & reaching out.
      Have a lovely weekend,
      Audrey Grace


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