Welcome to The Honey Hive. I’m Audrey.

Hello friend.

Let me share some insights about me.

Let’s see. How did I get here?

It all began with my desire to reduce stress and anxiety in my life.  I was a single mother and the restaurant that I bartended at went bankrupt causing me to lose my job with no advanced notice. The anxiety and stress that I had seen earlier in life consumed me once again. Panic attacks, and bouts of depression was the norm, I realized  I was drowning.

We learn so much as women from the generations before us and that includes how we handle mental stress. Growing up in a family where stress and mental illness were covered up with prescriptions and never to be seen in the light, I knew that if I wanted a healthy mind it was up to me to find a different way. I began to search out possibilities, leading me to mediation. With the knowledge from many books, the teachers at Insight Santa Cruz, and then Hannah Muse I have been able to develop my own mediation practice. It has become a place of sanctuary for me, a place I know is home all within me. Allowing the mind to quiet and settle in to the moment has been the greatest revelation in my world.

Shortly thereafter losing my job, I began studying at Hartnell Community College. There I took my first yoga class and experienced the eye opening moment of connection to a body I had been long cut off from. I began to show love and appreciation for what my body can do and what it does for me daily with out even asking. My journey in yoga became my road to self-love, acceptance, and now my purpose. For so many years I was lost, just floating along in life without real direction or passion. Despite leave of absences,  withdraw and reapplication I received my BA in Psychology from CSUMB after five more years. I never gave up hope that one day I would be able to help guide others on this path of self-love, affirmation, and growth.

Yoga has allowed me to tune inward and follow those deep desires that light me up.  So much so that it has brought me on the path to follow my life long goal of supporting others. From studying psychology for many years I know that yoga can have vast therapeutic benefits for those whose practice.

Since completing my 200 hour Awake Heart yoga teacher’s training with the Queen honeybee, Hannah Muse, my heart has been churning the sweetest honey. Here I am now glowing full of goodness to share. It has been a long journey to come home to my heart. Here I reside, full of acceptance, compassion, and self-love. I cannot wait to share this possibility of self care to others. Please come join me as I fuse my passion and knowledge of yoga with self-inquiry and personal development.

As a woman living the in modern world we have the need more than ever for community. We need a place to come together, to speak freely, to be supported, weep unapologetically, and celebrate victories. The Honey Hive is a place for us to come together with a cohesive vision to brighten others while searching for and strengthening our own inner light. Please join the Hive each full moon for a women’s fire circle. More info here.

Thank you for stopping by to see what my overflowing heart has produced for you all.


Audrey Grace

Let me share with you one of the photos from my life that brings me such joy.

Christmas Tree hunting with the family and our lovely friend/photographer Sara back in 2010. It was the first year we spend the holidays all together in our home.

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