About Me

Hi, I’m Audrey Grace, founder of The honey hive

Life long resident of native Rumsen land in the Salinas Valley. Student of Insight Meditation, Yoga, Ayurveda, and Psychology. Admirer of people, nature, and the power of self healing.

Living this life full of vitality and abundance used to be simply a dream. But through he path of tantric yoga and vedic philosophy I am now recovering from those things that have plagued me for so many years: generalized anxiety disorder, panic attacks, depression, eating disorders, and childhood emotional and spiritual trauma.

My passion is to empower women with the knowledge, tools, and practices needed on their journey to live their life fully and completely from their own inner wisdom and knowing. The same teachings that have altered my life forever.

Dear sister please join me and the many others who are on their own path back home to their heart, to their true essence. Inwardly we cultivate the sweetest honey, the liquid nourishment for our hearts, mind, and weary bodies. Knowing we are our own greatest teacher, I invite you to lean into your deepest truths and what lights you up.

Each FULL MOON the hive comes together in community to discover and strengthen our connection to the divine feminine within. A place of courage, acceptance, empowerment, enlightenment, nourishment and always love.


Friendsgiving: Celebrate & connect with

warm food, practices, & people

A space of healing and acceptance for women in a place of transformation and growth.

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  • New Moon Nidra

    Register here! Register here!


  • November Full Moon Gathering- 11/6

    UPDATE: Location has changed to my private residence in Salinas, due to possible rain day of. A space of healing and acceptance for women in a place of transformation and growth. Tune into the divine feminine, a mutable element constantly shifting and morphing into something new within us. It is connected to the moon, the […]


  • Saturday Morning Yoga at Moss Landing

    Audrey’s back to teach an hour and a half long class comprised of mediation, poses/movement, and self inquiry. Join the hive the first & third Saturday of every month. 10:00-11:30 AM 2022 Schedule: Last class of the year Nov. 5th! Beach clean up following at 11:30 Show your appreciation for the land we practice on […]


  • Full Moon Fire Ceremony- July 15th

    Click here to RSVP Join us in sisterhood Open and free to all identities of femininity. Surrounded by the elements of fire and water, under the dynamic full moon, we gather together as mothers, sisters, partners, and friends. We will: release unwanted energy learn to notice and flow naturally with our inner cycles and the […]


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