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“For the last several months I have been battling an extremely sore right hip and some major lower back issues associated with it. My friend, client, and now teacher, Audrey Honeycutt came over this morning, and coached me through some yogic breath-work.
The relief I feel is incredible.
The hip pain is gone completely and my back pain has been reduced substantially.
I feel more relaxed now than I have in months. If you know me at all, you know I struggle with just being in the moment and accepting that it’s just plain ok to do nothing sometimes. This is a major breakthrough for me. I can’t wait to see Audrey again and learn more.”
-Scott Stevens 11/8/19

“I had such a great experience with you and your class! I’ve dealt with chronic pain for many months now in my shoulder and neck. Yesterday’s class was great; I hadn’t moved like that, maybe ever! This morning I can already feel a difference in my overall being!
If I had known this would have made such a difference, I would have done yoga/meditation ages ago!
Thank you again for all you do and can’t wait for next class!”
– Feedback after first yoga class, Kimberly Chavez 10/4/19

“Audrey Grace Yoga is exceptional. After taking my first 2 classes and being a part of her women’s circle “The Honey Hive”, I am convinced that what she has is something so unique and special that it must be shared. My expectations where beyond exceeded. My body already feels better and the poses she chooses aren’t impossible. She encourages you to be kind to your body and listen to it. I am learning to be more in tune and grateful to my body for all that it does for me everyday, and to not judge it for being imperfect.
My breathing is something I have never thought much about. It now is my sounding board, and my level to heal a racing mind in the middle of the night and allow me fall back to sleep for the first time in years. Let me remind you this is only after 3 combined classes!
Each class is detailed, intentional, and unique. You can feel the love she pours into every part by the intricacy and flow. If you have ever considered taking a yoga class, I would see it as a disservice to yourself to look any further then Audrey Grace Yoga.
-Shanoa Perez 10/20/19

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Yoga in Central Park

Guided Mediation & Movement

Upon the grass, under the eucalyptus tress we meet to open ourselves up to the sensations of the outdoors.

Formatted for beginners and all body types.

Pay what you can class, sliding scale of $5-20 to be paid via venmo or cash before the start of class.

We have paused Yoga in the Park for now.

Thank you to everyone who joined us!

We hope to see you again in 2023.

Bring towel/blanket length of body.

Dressing in layers recommend.

Central Park is located along Central Street in Salinas, across from Hartnell’s Parking Garage. We will gather near the rear of the park at the corner of Park Ave. and Villa Street.

Look for me on the stage.

For the safety of all participants:

  • Set up your personal space at the park to respect your own body and those of others in mind.

Previous Series:Self-Love Yoga

8 Week Series February 13th-April 2nd

Join us Thursdays  6:00- 7:05 PM.

Limited Drop-Ins available… but must pre-register.

Register HERE now!

The investment in your heart is $17 for each weekly 65 min class.

During this series we will:

  • Nurture your well being through self-care and presence.
  • Get connected; Use breath-work to dissolve the barrier between mind and body.
  • Follow guided meditation to attune to the heart’s truth.
  • Find strength and balance with the use of flowing movement and postures.

 The Honey Hive will be stimulated to turn inward to cultivate self-love through the practice of yoga asanas (postures) and guided meditation. The true practice of yoga is learning to identify our intrinsic needs in the moment, listening, tuning in and honoring that without changing, managing, or manipulating it. The focus shifts to a loving acceptance of our vessel, compassion for the physical body allowing it to heal and grow. This is a journey of self-discovery, developing a deep reverence for our sacred space, the physical temple that holds our conscious spirit. This process can be a holistic way to heal the emotions from the inside outward.

Please note:

Class location: 1212 Riker Street. Salinas

This facility is on the corner of Blanco Rd. and Riker, with easy access and a large private parking lot.


This series runs for eight weeks from February 13th- April 2nd meeting once per week on Thursdays.

Maximum class size eight students.

Pre-registration is required, as class will fill.

Register here, then submit payment via Venmo @Audrey-Grace-Honeycutt. Full payment or payment arrangements due at time of registering.

Required props for each class:

yoga mat, 2 blocks, yoga strap 6/8 ft

Join Audrey for eight-weeks of yummy, feel good yoga, tapping in and letting the journey to your heart unfold.

This class is for students that enjoy a warm flowing style class. It is not necessary to have previous knowledge of yoga.

We ask that out of respect you do not wear scented lotions, or perfumes to class. (Audrey thanks you in advance.)

Once you sign up, you will receive weekly reminders and updates via email.

I look forward to flowing with you!


Audrey Grace

Please note refund policy:
Participants are welcome to try the first class to verify that it is the right fit for them. No refunds will be given after the start of the second class.

Previous Series: Chair Yoga for Mobility & Balance

Join Us:

February 13th – April 2nd

 8 Weeks- 65 min class

Full Series $120

Drop-in Classes $17

Follow email link at the top of this page for any questions.

Chair Yoga:           Thursdays 4:35-5:40 PM

Class location:     1212 Riker St. Salinas

On the corner of Blanco Road, this location offers plenty of private parking and easy access.

Required items for each class: yoga mat, comfortable clothing, and a beginners mind.

Knowledge of yoga is not required for Chair Yoga. This class is great for beginners, pregnant students, and those who wish to increase their flexibility and mobility with added support.

The purpose is to develop awareness of the mind and body, while eliminating discomfort in the body and in the mind. With that being said, a willing spirit and open heart are helpful. With continued practice chair yoga has been shown to improve symptoms  of hypertension, anxiety, depression, arthritis, chronic pain, and carpal tunnel syndrome by using the mind to body connection.

Classes take place in a library/classroom at a local non-profit. So if you like the smell of books this is the perfect place for you to practice some self-care. Address listed above.

We ask that out of respect you do not wear scented lotions, or perfumes to class. (I thank you in advance.)

Maximum class size 10 students.

The investment in your health is $120 for 8-weekly 65 minute sessions.

Want to try it out? Drop-in $17 per class.

( Payment plans available, just ask.)

Registration is a two-step process.

First, please register HERE!

Then, submit payment via venmo (see below) or cash payment maybe made first day of class with arrangement.

Once you sign up, you will receive weekly reminders and updates from me via email.

I look forward to flowing with you!


Audrey Grace

Please note refund policy:

Participants are welcome to try the first class to verify that it is the right fit for them with prior approval. Payments for series must be paid by the end of the first class. No refunds will be given after the start of the second class

Deep Inhale-Breathwork Workshops

Learn to use your breath as a tool to STRENGTHEN the

mind and SOOTHE the body.

  • Use breath to connect to you.
    • Feel the aliveness of your body.
      • Shed unwanted narratives.
        • Dive into your purpose.
          • Find inner clarity.
            • Transform into your authentic self.

Preregistration is required.

Registration closes at midnight the day before event.

Zoom link will be emailed morning of workshop.

Step 1 : Make payment of $20 via venmo (link below)

Step 2: Register Here

Step 3: Gather comfort items. Settle in a safe spot.

step 4: Join with the zoom link few mins before start.


Suggestions to tune into our authentic voice and heart’s purpose, while offering a deep serenity to relax the central nervous system. It is time to allow for introspection via journaling and mediation in a warm supported group.


See you soon!


Audrey Grace

Welcome to The Honey Hive. I’m Audrey.

Hello friend.

Let me share some insights about me.

Let’s see. How did I get here?

It all began with my desire to reduce stress and anxiety in my life.  I was a single mother and the restaurant that I bartended at went bankrupt causing me to lose my job with no advanced notice. The anxiety and stress that I had seen earlier in life consumed me once again. Panic attacks, and bouts of depression was the norm, I realized  I was drowning.

We learn so much as women from the generations before us and that includes how we handle mental stress. Growing up in a family where stress and mental illness were covered up with prescriptions and never to be seen in the light, I knew that if I wanted a healthy mind it was up to me to find a different way. I began to search out possibilities, leading me to mediation. With the knowledge from many books, the teachers at Insight Santa Cruz, and then Hannah Muse I have been able to develop my own mediation practice. It has become a place of sanctuary for me, a place I know is home all within me. Allowing the mind to quiet and settle in to the moment has been the greatest revelation in my world.

Shortly thereafter losing my job, I began studying at Hartnell Community College. There I took my first yoga class and experienced the eye opening moment of connection to a body I had been long cut off from. I began to show love and appreciation for what my body can do and what it does for me daily with out even asking. My journey in yoga became my road to self-love, acceptance, and now my purpose. For so many years I was lost, just floating along in life without real direction or passion. Despite leave of absences,  withdraw and reapplication I received my BA in Psychology from CSUMB after five more years. I never gave up hope that one day I would be able to help guide others on this path of self-love, affirmation, and growth.

Yoga has allowed me to tune inward and follow those deep desires that light me up.  So much so that it has brought me on the path to follow my life long goal of supporting others. From studying psychology for many years I know that yoga can have vast therapeutic benefits for those whose practice.

Since completing my 200 hour Awake Heart yoga teacher’s training with the Queen honeybee, Hannah Muse, my heart has been churning the sweetest honey. Here I am now glowing full of goodness to share. It has been a long journey to come home to my heart. Here I reside, full of acceptance, compassion, and self-love. I cannot wait to share this possibility of self care to others. Please come join me as I fuse my passion and knowledge of yoga with self-inquiry and personal development.

As a woman living the in modern world we have the need more than ever for community. We need a place to come together, to speak freely, to be supported, weep unapologetically, and celebrate victories. The Honey Hive is a place for us to come together with a cohesive vision to brighten others while searching for and strengthening our own inner light. Please join the Hive each full moon for a women’s fire circle. More info here.

Thank you for stopping by to see what my overflowing heart has produced for you all.


Audrey Grace

Let me share with you one of the photos from my life that brings me such joy.

Christmas Tree hunting with the family and our lovely friend/photographer Sara back in 2010. It was the first year we spend the holidays all together in our home.

Saturday Morning Yoga at Moss Landing

Audrey’s back to teach an hour and a half long class comprised of mediation, poses/movement, and self inquiry.

Join the hive the first & third Saturday of every month.

10:00-11:30 AM

2023 Schedule:

First class of the year May 6th!

Ocean cold plunge following for any who would like to participate.

Show your appreciation for the land we practice on and call home.

Classes are created for intro levels and all bodies. Beginners welcome.

Meet us at Island Beach (the dog beach) on Sandholt Road at Bass Way.

Click here for Google map/directions.

We will be just past Phil’s Fish Market next to the water towards the opening of the harbor.

Registration can be completed at location before class.

This is a “pay what you can class”, sliding scale of  $5-20.*

Payment can be made at the location before class with cash or via venmo. (*No one turned away for lack of funds.)

Click here for Google map.

Please bring with you:

a large beach towel/blanket that you can lay down comfortably on (length of your body) as well as an additional small blanket to use as prop/warmth/sun shade.

Two yoga blocks of any type to use as props and support during the practice are recommended.

Just a tip: try dressing in layers for when it warms up or colds down with the weather.

The Honey Hive supports the community by giving back each month.

We donate 20% from each beach class to support non-profits and others in need within our community. Please look at these fantastic organizations/causes that we have had the pleasure of supporting that bringing much needed resources and vitality into our community:


June:  Yoga For All Movement

July:  Epicenter

August:  Gathering for Women

September: Loaves, Fishes, and Computers

October: CASA of Monterey County

November: Community Homeless Solutions

December: We Hike


June: Agents of Change 831

July: All in Monterey

August: Cakes 4 Kids


April: Ducky Derby

May: iTNMonterey County

June: Cakes 4 Kids

July: @CampesinaWombJustice

August: @Bobi-Hines – Fundraiser for Buster’s Surgery



Curious about 1 on 1 sessions? Let’s talk..


Audrey Grace