2 thoughts on “Conscious Feminine- 8 Week Yoga Immersion

  1. Hello Audrey!

    Happy New Year! I hope your new year is off to a great start. We started our new year with Ben here through the 8th. I was thinking of you and the Wolf Full Moon ceremony and was sad to have missed it. Boy, it was a wonderful whirlwind to have him home for a bit though.

    I would love to join your amazing yoga series on Thursdays. I tried clicking on the link below and it doesn’t seem to work. Can you make sure I’m on the list please? I can Venmo $ when needed and register properly, too, but I don’t wanna miss it! ✨🧘✨

    Thanks and big hugs, Carrie ❤️

    1. Hello Love!
      So great to hear from you Carrie. So delightful to be with family and savor that time together, happy for you friend. Please give Ben love from our family.

      Very much look forward to having your energy in group once again. My apologies for the faulty link it seems the email had some kinks in it but all is working on the website. I’ll be sending out an interest form here tomorrow, please fill out so I may have a better idea on what times to make offerings. Overjoyed with excitement for what there is to come for this year’s possibilities. Hope you can be a part of it!

      Thank you for your new year greetings. May you know that you already contain everything that you need. May your year allow for your growth and transformation. May your heart bloom freely.


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